Excitement of Colours, Fabrics, Textures

It’s quite bizarre how when I am at shows I seem to always find the designers and creatives that are just starting up! And whose eco credentials are second to none!

This means I am finding designers at that first flush of intense creativity … and boy does it show in the shop!

These designers season upon season are always innovating … it is my excitement also seeing how they manage to come up with their ideas, fabrics, textures and colours

The shop is buzzing with excitement as deliveries come in weekly!

You know just one


Fabulously different piece can change and elevate an outfit!

A carefully placed kimono, an embroidered throw loosely worn over any outfit instead of a coat can make last season’s purchase look new and exciting! Pulling out colours from your outfit you hadn’t even noticed…and wowing people who also wouldn’t have spotted that colour.

The one thing we know about and that we have in abundance in our shop, Love Vintage, is colour, whether it’s that oh so subtle mid colour of so many unique vintage pieces or the choice of four different blush pinks never mind the three different brash pinks!!!!

It’s mad at times the choices we give you…but you know that’s part of the fun and these designers we have in our shop are all about that!

Carolanne x

Mixing Fabrics, Faux Suede Jacket with Pleated Silk Skirt
Embroidered Scarves with Gorgeous Colours
Array of Fabrics, Textures and Colours Adorn our Rails!

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