About Us

About Us

Love Vintage is my thirteenth shop, I set it up in 2009 and it has been lucky! It’s a small family run business. My daughter, Emma, is a fabulous artist, my son, James, who has designed and built all the shelving in the shop, makes wonderful pieces in wood and my youngest, Hannah, is a vintage genius and sources vintage from all over our wonderful planet.

It’s been such a fun and exciting experience.

I am from Clifden, Connemara. My father’s family have had shops in the town going back to the early 1900’s. My mother is from Inish Bofin island off the Connemara coast and her father was a tailor.

I love being from Connemara, it inspires me every day. Love Vintage is ever changing like the skies and light here and is as exciting and colourful!

About Us

This is our first website, thanks for all your support along the way! It’ll be exciting to share all my amazing finds with you, whether they are vintage pieces from all over the world or the fab new fashions and jewellery! Some of the jewellery is handmade by yours truly, yes, I use silver and gold findings, recycled shells, vintage beads and other interesting pieces to create unique jewellery for you!

We have the vintage once-off pieces to treasure and thrill! I equally love the new fashion that changes weekly … Handprints and designs unique to us, the textures and colours, never seen before. It’s truly a privilege to work with and sell these pieces from ethical designers who are constantly creating ‘wow’ pieces for our shop.

Enjoy it all! Wrap yourself in our cuddliest faux furs, adorn yourself with our unique jewellery all at good, fun prices!

Carolanne X

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